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Interesting ideas: wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil

The bride's veil is a classic of wedding fashion.This accessory is always popular, although it undergoes some changes over time. The purpose of this article is to highlight new interesting ideas, how to improve traditional wedding hairstyles on long hair with a veil. Find out some interesting options.

wedding hairstyles on long hair with a veil

The image of exquisite romance

The recently gaining popularity of Bohostyle, the main feature of which are refinement and tenderness, suggests that the veil of the bride must be unusual, reminiscent of a veil. Natural flowers, natural feathers of birds, pearls, silk and handmade lace are the main elements of decoration for this bohemian style. It is preferred by European brides who like simple simple and slightly careless wedding hairstyles for long hair. With a veil, they usually choose a combination of freely flowing curls or simple bundles of collected hair. The main emphasis in this image is not on the hair, but on the details - a brooch, a flower or a wreath. The way in which a veil is fastened can be unconventional - such as shown in the photo. This option is suitable for a tall and slender bride with the right features. Dark hair color will fit very well with the veil.

beautiful wedding hairstyles with a veil

The image in the ancient style

Some brides prefer that the veilfell on her face. This is most often required during an official ceremony. For very young brides the veil covering the face becomes an additional accent of their quivering image. If a girl wants to wear a veil all day, then you need to buy a two-layer or three-layer model. But sometimes the bride, especially if their dress is sewn in a European laconic style, prefer to be in a veil only at the ceremony. In this case, it is best to choose a wedding hairstyle for a long hair with a veil that resembles a head cloak.

wedding hairstyles braids with veil

Exquisite wedding hairstyles: braids with veil

By itself, weaving is an excellentdecoration. If there is an opportunity to find a master who can create beautiful compositions based on braids, then you can make a magnificent high hairstyle in the Baroque style with a lot of pretentious elements. Such an image will draw attention to the luxurious hair of the bride and give her a truly royal look. The veil will be successful if it is properly chosen: it is desirable to use a transparent almost weightless fabric and fasten it below the basic design of the hairstyle, so as not to hide the richness of the hair.

Beautiful wedding hairstyles with veil
beautiful wedding hairstyles with a veil

Brides who want to have botha complex original hairdo, and a beautiful veil, you can recommend the option presented in the photo. There are also complex weaves of curls, and a lacy ribbon, and a fashionable silhouette "hair on one side." To this kind of wedding hairstyle for a long hair with a veil looked harmonious, you should choose the appropriate look of veil. This model uses a flying silhouette. The veil is made of a rigid fabric, trimmed at the edge with a satin ribbon and assembled into a bun. Thanks to this method, it looks very dynamic, as if the wind is waving it.


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