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Orthodox Church in Kuntsevo Ioann of Russian

temple in kuntsevo yoanna Russian
The temple in Kuntsevo of John the Russian representsOrthodox church, which is located in the Western administrative district of the capital of Russia. This religious structure belongs to the Mikhailovsky Deanery. To be more precise, the Church of St. John the Right belongs to the Moscow diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.

St. John the Russian

This was the name given to the liturgical religiousThe construction in honor of one of the most revered Orthodox saints and confessors. Righteous John Russian was born in Little Russia in 1690. When he reached adulthood, he was drafted into the army of Peter the Great, in the ranks of which he took part in the Russo-Turkish battle. In the summer of 1711 during the Prut march of the soldiers, in honor of which he received his name, the Church of the Righteous John of Russia, was taken prisoner. After some time he was sent to Constantinople and sold into slavery to one of the chiefs of the Turkish cavalry named Aha.

In the daytime John worked, fasted andprayed, and at night, when everyone was packing to sleep, went to the cave church, located nearby. Here he read prayers and every Saturday he communed. While in the house of Aga, John performed several miracles, the rumors of which spread far beyond the boundaries of the village. And all the people living in the vicinity, even the Muslim Turks, began to call this person "war", which means "holy".

the temple of the righteous John of Russia

Veneration of John of Russia in Russia

In the face of the righteous, John the Russian was officiallyincluded in 1962. At the same time, his name was added to the calendar of the Orthodox Church as a saint. In 2003 they began to build the Temple in Kuntsevo by John the Russian with the blessing of the Patriarch of Moscow Alexy. This was the first small wooden religious structure erected on the territory of Russia, erected in honor of this holy righteous man. Today, John the Russian is also given the lower chapel of the temple in Novosibirsk. The latter was at one time built in honor of one of the most famous icons of the Mother of God called "The Sign" of Abalatskaya.

General information about the Temple

temple of the Russian schedule
As mentioned earlier, the temple in Kuntsevo IoanninaRussian was erected in the period from 2003 to 2004 with the blessing of Alexy - His Holiness the Patriarch. It was designed as a small wooden religious structure in the architectural form of a "shipwright", characteristic of many ancient Russian churches. The ship symbolizes the Temple as a refuge of man in the world's sea.

As for the main and adjoining thrones,located inside the church, the first consecrated in honor of St. John the Confessor, and the second - in honor of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. One of the main decorations of the interior of the church is the bold monochrome iconostasis, which harmoniously combines elements of the Byzantine style and ancient Russian traditions.

The main shrine, which has a temple inKuntsevo John of Russia, is the icon of John of Russia with a small part of the relics. Separately, it should be said that currently the construction documentation is being prepared and the necessary design work for the construction of a large stone church, which will be erected next to the wooden structure.

Parish activities and worship

the temple of the holy righteous John of the Russian
Divine services in this church are performed eachday. For example, the liturgy is held daily at 8:30 am. In the days of the memory of the most revered saints, and on the eve of various Orthodox holidays, evening worship is necessarily held. In addition, in the temple in Kuntsevo are performed all the funeral services - requiems, prayer services, christenings and weddings. Also every Sunday at three o'clock in the afternoon there is a divine service in honor of the holy righteous John.

In this case, the parish life of this church is notis limited only to liturgical activity. There is a Sunday school for people of different ages, an Orthodox youth association, a needlework circle, an Orthodox family school and a pilgrimage service. A military-patriotic club for children and adolescents, a historical teenage club and a video lecture hall also organizes the Church of St. John of Russia. The schedule of their work coincides with the time of the church work - from 8 am to 8 pm.

Among other things, it should be said thatclergymen of this church perform the necessary services in the children's home №15, created for children with developmental disabilities, nurse the patients of the city hospital number 72, and also conduct active teaching activities in the Finance and Law Academy. In addition, this parish is engaged in publishing work.

The location of the temple

The Church of St. John of Rus is located at:Street Yartsevskaya, possession of 1-A. The most convenient way to reach it is by the blue branch line. The nearest station to the Temple is called "Molodezhnaya". In addition, you can use the services of fixed-route taxis and city buses. Directly to the temple is followed by public transport with such numbers as 73, 794, 732, 825 and 794k.


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