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Temple of Solomon - the main shrine of Jerusalem in antiquity

The Temple of Solomon was one of the most impressive architectural buildings of Jerusalem. It was several times destroyed and rebuilt, but in 70 AD. was wiped off the face of the earth by the troops of Rome.

The Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem was erected on the 9thfoot platform. At its entrance was a ladder, which has 10 steps, on both sides of it were columns, the names of which reached us as Boaz and Jahin. The meaning of these names, unfortunately, is not yet understood.

Temple of Solomon
The temple of King Solomon inside was divided into threeparts. One of them was a sanctuary, in which there were several windows under the ceiling. The floor was made of cypress boards, and the walls are sheathed with cedar. This part had a flat roof, which was supported by large logs. On the doors and walls were painted flowers, palm trees, chains and cherubs.

The Temple of Solomon had another room in whichhoused the church utensils. There was a small altar carved from cedar, decorated with gold, as well as various lamps and a table for bread. The altar location is the same as in the Canaanite temples - right in front of the staircase leading to the next room.

The third room was called "Holy of Holies", andit was the abode of God. There were no windows in it, but there were two gold-trimmed 15-foot cherub. Their outer wings were pulled to the walls, and the internal ones touched each other in the very center of the hall. It is believed that it was there that the "Ark of the Covenant" was located.

The Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem
The Temple of Solomon also had a courtyard in front of him. There was an altar for offerings, which resembled the famous tower of Babel (ziggurat) and the brass sea.

This temple was built 7 years, in the 10th century BC.At the Feast of Tabernacles he was consecrated, and the "Ark of the Covenant" was introduced. Then King Solomon entered and said a prayer, after which the fire came down from heaven and burned the sacrifices offered to the Lord on the altar.

Here the most grandiose andsolemn divine services. Sometimes the temple attendants could not even continue the service, because with a large crowd of people dressed in elegant clothes, singing and sounding music, a cloud of the Glory of God filled it.

The Temple of King Solomon
Alas, this temple was not destinedexist for a long time. Three and a half centuries later, Jerusalem was captured by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, and the temple was destroyed to the ground. The Jewish people were taken prisoner, and nothing has been known about the ark since.

After the return of Jerusalem, the temple was rebuiltanew, but it was no longer so beautiful, about which people were very sorry. During the reign of King Herod the temple was expanded and richly decorated, it began to look like a shining mountain peak. But, unfortunately, the troops of the Roman Empire destroyed it, this time for good.

To date, onlya small section of the western wall, near the mountain of Moria, on top of which it was located. This place is called the Wailing Wall and is the greatest shrine of the Jews.

Храм Соломона, несомненно, был одним из the most beautiful buildings of Jerusalem, and thanks to him today this city is the greatest religious center, to which pilgrims from all over the world come.


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