/ Pipe dimensions. Which pipes are used for sewerage

Dimensions of pipes. Which pipes are used for sewerage

Each person is more likely tocollide with the laying or replacement of sewer pipes, so you need to know the nuances of their choice. Here we will consider the main characteristics of sewage production - the dimensions of the pipes, and also pay special attention to PVC as a material of manufacture.

Pipe sizes
Sewer pipes are manufactured according to specifications2248-022-23208482-02. Today's sewer market is filled with products of all sizes. The most important characteristics are the diameter, length and thickness of the walls.

Let us consider some dimensions of the pipes (i.e., diameter) for drainage of sewage water.

Pipe diameters
Nominal pipe passage (Dy) mmThread diameter (G), in.Outer pipe diameter (Dn), mm
Steel Pipeline PipeSeamlessPolymer
321 1/442.34240
401 1/2484550
652 1/275.57675
903 1/2101.3102110

The universal version of the pipe has a diameter75 mm, its purpose in the drainage of sewage from separately standing sanitary products (sinks or baths). But it is most likely not suitable for toilets, because it can not withstand such a load. To drain sewage from the toilet, use sewer pipes not less than 100-110 mm in diameter.

For the transport of sewage fromBathroom use a pipe 90 mm in diameter. "And where are the large pipe sizes used?" - you ask. Yes, everything is very simple, they are used to mount risers and lay sewage outlets far beyond the structure.

Choosing a product from the market,take into account that the parameters of the pipe products are correlated, therefore, it is necessary to clarify the required characteristics. In tubular products with large diameters and the thickness of the walls corresponding. For example, the diameter of 150-160 mm corresponds to the wall of 3.9, and the diameter of 110 mm is 3 mm.

Dimensions of steel pipes
From the diameter indicators depends not only the weight, butand the amount of material used. So, the running meter of a pipe, 110 mm in diameter, by weight is slightly higher than the figure per kilogram, whereas a pipe with a diameter of 160 mm weighs already more - up to two kilograms.

Important! When withdrawing the yard sewage system, the material with a diameter of 300 mm is used.

Dimensions of PVC pipes

The appearance of polyvinyl chloride has become a leap inconstruction technology. Now the material moves with seven-league steps towards fame, displacing known materials from everyday life. Cast iron, steel and ceramics began to lag behind the new, more advanced version. In addition, all the dimensions of steel pipes were made of a new material. The advantages are visible: low cost, long service life, lightness and environmental friendliness.

Dimensions of polypropylene pipes
With the help of modern technologies,make pipes of different sizes, taking into account the wishes of the buyer. Such an advantage will be required for the work of specialists, and an ordinary person will not be able to understand all this. When looking at the label when selecting a material, it is worth remembering that only the size of the outer diameter is indicated there, and its internal value must be determined by subtracting the wall thickness. The dimensions of polypropylene pipes should be selected in accordance with the role and load assigned to them.

A big advantage of this type of pipe is thethe possibility of easy chopping them into pieces by an ordinary Bulgarian. It is thanks to this quality that installation is often simple and does not require special skills and experience.


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